Mesquite and Maple is inspired by the culinary traditions  and warm hospitality of Mexico and Texas. 


Since 2012 you've known us as Lonestar Taco. Lonestar is best known for vending at New Amsterdam Market and our products on Etsy, but we've continued our business through catering private events. In the course of growing Lonestar, we realized that the name wasn't doing our concept justice; we don't just make tacos and we wanted to reflect more of a connection with our local roots. In addition there's been some confusion with similarly named, unaffiliated businesses in other locations so we knew we needed to choose something more unique.

In the short term Mesquite and Maple is focused on corporate and private catering. Expect the same delicious tacos that Lonestar made but look out for more non-taco options. We're excited that we get to spread our wings a bit with dishes and ideas that we've been working on for a while. And of course we always strive to provide the highest level of hospitality and create a sense of conviviality.

We're in the process of securing a catering kitchen and lunch counter and will be writing more on our blog once we progress a bit farther. 

photo courtesy of  Clay WIlliams

photo courtesy of Clay WIlliams

Our Team

Wayne Surber
Sometime in the early 1980's Wayne could be found on the byways and access roads of San Antonio, TX selling Gulf Shrimp with his Uncle Bill. Lunch breaks were often the simplest pleasures of pimento cheese sandwiches on white bread that he'd made that morning after Grandma or Aunt Frances showed him how to do it right. His food has come a bit from the white bread sandwiches and sunstroke afternoons hustling shrimp to the hustle of New York life.

He began his professional culinary life in 2005. He left a cozy career in Information Technology and non-profit management to embark on a career nourishing others for less pay and longer hours. From his early days in the dungeon-like basement kitchens in Brooklyn bistros to the bright and sun-filled early morning hours in the kitchen of Chez Panisse, he dashed into the brightly lit brigade kitchen and opening team at Bouchon Bakery New York in the Time Warner Center. He quickly worked his way up to the role of Executive Sous Chef under Chef Thomas Keller.   

When not working on, as his Chef friends say, "little taco thing", Wayne helps those friends figure out better ways to run their kitchens and lives. 

Tracie Lee
Head of Experience
Tracie has worked for more than a decade as a designer working with publishers like Serious Eats to shape the user experience. She applies this knowledge in designing all aspects of Mesquite and Maple's guest experiences to provide the highest level of hospitality. She also incorporates the design process into developing and executing on new business opportunities and growing the team.


As Lonestar Taco, we were nominated as finalists in the 2013 Vendy Awards and named one of New York's Best Breakfast Tacos by CBS New York. We've earned positive press from the following media outlets: